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September 1, 2012

Hanging out with Mikey Hemkens, WorldCast Anglers Guide's day off.

It was quite a pleasure to show up for a day of guiding to find out that your trip has been cancelled. Well, only because we still got paid, got a tip, kept our lunch and then went out on a personal day of fishing. Mikey Hemkens and I hit the South Fork and the rest was history. What a day. We shared info on flies, honey holes and generally had a blast. The images below show the rest. 

The last image is of WCA Guide George White getting his client into some nice Cutthroats. 


Great Day on the South Fork.

What a day we had. It seems that we keep having the kind of day that comes every once in awhile when guiding Jim and Mike.  Many fish in the 16-18" class were brought to the net. It didn't start off like that  though. But, persistence often pays off, and today was no exception. We had the bulk of our takes on a tandem dry fly setup consisting of a size 10 Water Walker "september stone" followed by a 16 pink Cahill. The action was best during the mid day hours. 

We'll be doing it again tomorrow. Bring on the bite.