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May 16, 2011

Save the Teton River. Let’s not forget!

Let’s not forget the recent past, that is still our possible future in Idaho.

The Lees Ferry weekend. Putting the hurt on......

A fine weekend spent with the old Lees ferry Crew. Representing are Capt. Brad Shallenberger, Capt. David Dunn, Capt. Tyson Warren, myself and Abel my dog. We rendezvoused back in the old stomping grounds on the mighty Colorado River. 

Fast and furious was this gathering. From the opening meeting with several already back, we cracked open another “road soda” to quench the desert thirst. That is what I came here for anyhow. A bit of warmth after having spent my winter in Antarctica and Greenland supporting science for the NSF was what this fella needed. And doing so with these troubled souls was in order. Bring it! By the end of our first five hours together I already knew I would be hurting and thirsty in the morning. 

And was I ever. I think the michelin man skid out on my tongue in my sleep. But the day brought sunshine       and        heat        and           thirst.             So, I cracked open a few more “sodas”  and got after it. During this time we managed to hook a few and even land some. It’s nice to be in familiar terrain and have the confidence to make an ass of yourself when the night comes around. But, that’s another story.........                                

May 15, 2011

Sharp Tailed Grouse with a honey turmeric glaze

Sharp Tailed Grouse with a honey turmeric glaze Stuffed with onion, garlic, coriander seed and cumin seed over a bed of wheat berries.