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February 27, 2011

Polar Bear

Fast, Like a shadow in the wind. So fast in fact, that I thought the image in front of my fogged up windshied shield was another Ski Doo. But, low and behold, it was one of the most impresive things I've ever seen. 

I have been bluffed charged by Grizzley Bears, harrassed by brown bears, stalked by Mountain Lions and stung by scorpions. 

Never, have I ever seen such a beautiful creater as the Polar bear. I may never be so blessed again in my life. All I really wanted today was to witness one of these creatures. We've been chatting with the local Greenlandic hunters and have learned that they have killed two Polar Bears since we've been here in Pituffik, Greenland. It's an unfortunate event to say the least. To think that these amazing creatures WILL disappear within our lifetime saddens me. I feel honored, fortunate, and blessed to have seen what I saw today. 

I am guilty. I was hoping to hunt the Polar Bear today myself. I would however have hunted in a different, low impact method. Photography. I was unable to get any shots off, but my memory is filled forever with a mental image of Grace. I am thnkful for the opportunity. 

Here are some images of the day. 

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