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February 7, 2011

iPhone Photography - Year one with our Gun Dog Abel

It's been almost one year to date, since we first met Abel at the Animal adoption center. My wife Kate and I stopped in to walk a dog, as we often did when we needed "a fix". But this time there were no dogs available. They were all out on walks already. At that moment, we were informed that there were five new dogs coming in tomorrow, from the Casper shelter. "And one of them in a Brittany" Phil said with a grin, knowing good and well that we are Springer Spaniel types. OK, we'll stop by tomorrow and foster for the weekend.

ABEL NEVER LEFT...........

It seems that Abel may have had some prior hunting training OR his genes are strong enough that when it came to hunting, he was a champ. We'll never know for sure. But I can tell you that he did everything on his own, though I'm sure he picked up a few trick from his many hunting dog partners. Cuz, I didn't train him at all. Of course he did made some mistakes. I did too, but I won't tell you about them. This is about Abel. The working dog that has no reservations about gett'n up in your grill and giving some love'n to the nearest person. Right on par with his breed.

Our first hunting season was a great one. We hunted 25 out of 31 days in Oct alone. I had to head to Antarctica again for Nov and Dec so the season was cut short for us both. We did try to sneak in one last hunt in Feb to Nevada, but the wind kicked up to 40 kts and Chukar don't like that very much. Plus, now it's time to head to Greenland for more of that work stuff. "Work" It's always get'n in the way. Until next hunting season.

Thanks, little man.

I think this is day one or two with Abel. And he continues to get up in your grill to this day.
Abel in Clarkston, WA city park during our first road trip Steelheading on the Grande Ronde River. We'd been together for about a week now and we're seriously working on some very basic commands. Like, "Get your ass back here now." Aka. come, whoa, stay. Needless to say, he ran every chance he got. Sketchy!
Abel's first real point on Pigeons in AZ. He impressed the whole family with this stuff.
This was after he pointed another different pigeon than the previous, and caught it while I was packing the truck. The pigeon was behind my truck tire and I didn't even know it was there until I noticed feathers flying everywhere. He was in a full body chunder, Abel that is.
And, his first retrieve to hand too.

Our first bird together. A nice male Ruffed Grouse.
Abel's hunting buddy, Henry. Aka, Hank.
A great day limiting on Pheasants.
Our only Hun of the season. They sure are gorgeous. Tasty too.

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