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October 4, 2010

From the forest to the table.

The hunt took us on a whirlwind tour with a steep learning curve for the two rookies. This is our first season hunting, together and individually. After five hunts, seven flushes and ten shots, we finally bagged our first grouse. A nice Ruffed grouse from our backyard here in Idaho. We had been chasing this covey of grouse on three hunts now. I love being a student again while learning what the hell I'm supposed to do and at the same time figure out what Abel's doing and how he's responding to all this new stuff. Abel's doing remarkably well for having never had any formal training. He's slowly figuring it out for himself, and doing a fine job of it.

This evening's dinner is a Thai red curry with veggies and grouse.
Holy shit!
This was one hell of a meal. But then again, all meals cooked by Kate are AWESOME.

A little glass of white wine and a movie rounded out this fine evening.


  1. Hi, my name is Octavian, and i do want to ask/know if posible what bree is Abel?

  2. Abel is an American Brittany. AKA: Brittany Spaniel