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August 4, 2010

Stepladders and Carp. What a pair.

Over beers at Grand Teton Brewing CO, I think it was, Bruce mentioned an idea he's been brewing up for some time now.

Ok, what is it this time? Another version of the casting deck for your skiff, I asked.

No. itsa stepladda. Clearly stated in the native voice.

What? Are you serious?

Yepa. Bruce was very serious. He hauled that thing all over the lake. And seeing nearly three times as many Capr's as I was seeing. Bruce had the clear advantage on this outing, nearly two hours drive from our home in one of the N. Rockies premier trout fishing destinations. Jackson, WY/Victor, ID.

WTF are we doing traveling this far away from home when the Snake River and South Fork are fishing as well as they have fished in the past three years.

Well, the pictures tell the story.

Fishing for these Mirror Carp, "The Holly Grail of Carp" Is one of the more challenging fish species you can catch on a fly rod. Seriously! Have you tried?

Oh wait, Don't try. I won't mind.

Funny thing is, the day before this trip, my mother-in-law had purchased a step ladder while staying at our house, due to the fact that she can not reach to top shelf.


Guess what I'm bringing out next time?

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