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June 15, 2010

Carp. Hanging with the Boys From The Hood.

With the inclement weather we've been receiving in the Tetons and GYE, there was nothing left to do but to get down and dirty with the boys from the hood. Carp!
After a few thousand casts between the three of us and switching flies a half a dozen times each, we couldn't figure it out.
They were swimming around our feet, but obviously not interested in what we presented.
So, we looked for different water. I think we even planned on taking off and heading to another location a few hours drive away at this point. Oh, did I mention that we had driven a few hours away from home already.
And then. There they were, hurling themselves out of the water, only to smack down once again. Taunting us.

In one final cast to the wind, no really, it was most certainly windy, BS brought in this Rocky Mountain Bone. This was a enjoyable warm water adventure to tide us over until the local rivers clear or our next carp outing. Hmmm. Maybe we'll do this carp thing again soon.


  1. Hells yeah, we will. I can't stop thinking about going back and hooking into some of those monsters we saw...

  2. Thanks John. There are nice shots posted at