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Kevin is a passionate fishing guide and photographer who specializes in the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem.

April 28, 2010

MidCurrent features yours truly. Kevin Emery. Fly Fishing Photographers.

FLY FISHING AND PHOTOGRAPHY belong together. After all, it's a sport based on observation, and few of us don't hold a scrapbook of fine images in our heads.
MidCurrent's Fly Fishing Photography section features artists who've fully drawn subtle connections between fly fishers, water, and light, and who've captured a sense of place.

Kevin Emery Photography
Kevin S. Emery has a passion for photography that runs even deeper than his desire to cast streamers. As a photographer and international mountaineering and fishing guide, his assignments have taken him to remote locations in Antarctica, Greenland, India, and right to his home in the Tetons. Guiding for over 15 years has taught Kevin that you are never in control of a fleeting moment. "You have to seize that moment, capture it in a digital image, or settle for a mental one." The same can be said for his reckless abandon when wielding a six-weight with a sink-tip and a Zoo Cougar.

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