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February 16, 2009

Taunted By Clackacraft

For fucks sake. Why in the hell do I find myself in this position far too often.

It reminds me of the old days of cruising main street on Friday nights. The car is full of hot chicks waiting for the the adventure to begin. Your Camero is clean and fast. And new to boot. Just when you feel that the night is going well, along side you pulls up the new and improved, kick ass (and probably faster) Camero.

Well, Clacka. Here we are again. Looks like I'm going to have to "suck it up" or trade in.

Damn you guys.


  1. WTF. Fly pod looks rad but really no built in cooler.

  2. Good point. WIth the limited floor space, I'm really hoping those boxes have drain plugs so I can fill'em up with BEER......

  3. Yeah, that was a nice hot poker in the eye when I checked my e-mail the other day. But I'm going to have to see one in the flesh before I decide if it's lust or not. Heading down there today to pick up some oars - I'll see if they have one on the lot...

  4. Checked out the Fish Pod prototype down in IF this afternoon. It's pretty sweet. The side lockers can hold plenty and are lockable. There's a hard foam system for holding rods inside the lockers (you have to break the rods 1/2 way down to get them in). The only thing is, with the side lockers, you don't really have room to have your boat/guide bag accessible in the rowing area. The smaller rear pillar is easier to walk around, and they're going to offer a cooler that nests inside the front locker which I think is a great idea. Otherwise, all the hull dimensions are exactly the same as the regular 16'lp. All in all, it's pretty cool...