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February 3, 2009


Over two weeks of delays and cancellations led to this monday morning. I woke to the usual routine. 7:15. Check the pager and email. There it was again. the pager read  "It's a go. Have fun today." In my pre coffee stupor, I read it as "It's a NO go. Have fun today." Meaning that I would spend yet another day behind the desk, acting like I'm doing something productive. But no. I reread the initial page to realize that I would be transporting in a vehicle to the runway in 15 minutes. Quickly I slipped on the "bat suit" Mountaineering clothes, grabbed my pack and raced towards the shuttle to spend the next few hours flying around the Antarctic continent installing AWS Antarctic Weather Stations. After 10 hours of flying, five hours on the ground, two refueling stops and countless games of tower defense on my iPhone before we arrived back in Mcmurdo Station and to the office @ 12pm. A whole lot of sitting. People really think that being a mountaineer in the USAP is "Sexy". I think not. We're really just scapegoats for the USAP and NSF to blame, for people getting frostbite. They tell us "You didn't instruct them well enough." I call, BULLSHIT! And, that's another story all together. Anyhow, flying around in planes and helicopters "Is Sexy" I call it pilot envy. Well, only 16 more days until I get my ass kicked by the NZ trout once again. Only this time i've hired a guide. I hope this helps. Watch out, here I come. 


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